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Part One
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

I. Presentation: Bokey


II. Reminder: Deadlines and Last Class

  • Have your final video ready to show your colleagues next Friday!
  • All of the components of your DIGITAL STORYTELLING tab on the ePortfolio is due next Friday at midnight.

PAUSE: Do your class evaluations!  Go to:

 Jay-Stop MyClassEvaluation URL:



III. FIRST TASK: Order Your Images and Place Them in One Folder
Put all of your images in the order that you want them to appear.  Be prepared to upload them to Windows Movie Maker.  Have all of your images in one folder. 


IV. SECOND TASK: Upload Your Images
Watch the tutorial below ... remember to have at least one image per 10 seconds



V. THIRD TASK: Create Transitions

  • The transition needs to be for the duration of your music... at least 4 1/2 minutes but no more than 6 minutes
  • Each image should have an interesting transition
  • Each image should be animated and NOT static (or give special effects... see VII below)


VI. FOURTH TASK: Add Your Music (use the mp3 file you created with the audacity software)



VII. FIFTH AND FINAL TASKS: Add Words, Titles, and Effects 

  • You need a title screen at the beginning
  • You need a credits screen at the end

THE END... When you are done with your video, you need to save it as a movie (if you are still working on it, just save it).  Go to the HOME tab and you will see both of these options. Until you are finished, it is merely a WLMP file which is not a movie yet, just a project.  Choose "Save Movie" AND "HD Display."  Save your movie as a MPEG4 or WMV file.

You will need a youtube channel in order to upload to your video.  Write a 2-3 sentence overview of what your video is about on the page of your youtube channel where you are putting your video. 


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Part Two
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I. Presentation: NIKO


II. Plan A: Keep Working on Videos

  • Although the videos are short and relatively straight-forward, they take a while!
  • Try and finish your video in class today
  • Next week, you have a writing assignment due in class that goes on the ePortfolio (and by midnight, everything on the ePortfolio must be done)

III. Plan B: The Sweated-Out Plan

Go to the Jay Walk and write up the Reflections Component of this Project

  1. We combined ALL of the elements of digital writing here: music, voice/read-aloud, images, video, and words/writing.  Which area was your strength and why? 
  2. If someone was going to describe the power of digital storytelling using YOUR project, what would they say?  What makes your work part of the culture of today's digital storytelling?
  3. Share Aloud
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