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PART ONE: Your Findings and Conclusion Page



II. Overview of Final ePortfolio/Research Requirements

  • If you attend next week's final exam, it will be to re-submit a point-spread for re-grade, get help, ask questions, eat pizza
  • If you do not attend, please email your flyer by 2:30pm to professorkynard@gmail.com

III. Writing Prompt: YOUR CONCLUSION WEBPAGE (250 words)

  • What stands out most now for you in relation to these issues you have researched?
  • What do you think other writers and researchers should do next to write about this topic?  How could they build on what you have already done?
  • What image or song would best fit this webpage?
  • (Take a photo/screenshot of this writing and add to your draft gallery)

IV. Writing-Up Your Data: Focus on MITCHELL DUNEIER (please go to the readings section of the website if you would like to read the whole chapter)

  • Give each interviewee a pseudonym!  (Use a name, not #1, #2, #3)  At the very bottom, make a note: "All names and other identitifiable informatin have been changed top protecct subjects' anonymity.")
  • Go back to your findings, add in MORE descriptive information the first time you mention EACH interviewee's name.


V. Peer Review

Please do this thoroughly. I will not be able to give you any feedback on this writing because we do not have a class session before it is due.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Part Two: Your Research Introduction Page

VI. Work on Overview and eContents for Your Research Project (on paper or on laptop)

  1. Make sure you understand the guidelines
  2. Write either your abstract or your introduction in class now. Be prepared to READ ALOUD 3-4 sentences to the class.

V. Closing of Fall 2014... Congratulations for sucessfully completing your first semester of college!!

  • Please read any 3-4 sentences from your introduction or abstract
  • Please any closing words to your colleagues in the room (happy new year, safe travels, etc)
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.