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  • Please make sure that you have signed up for your justice presentation.  Today is the last day to sign up!
  • Please note that I RESPOND to your writing.  I do not MARK IT UP (English-teacher red-pen style).  I comment to ideas--- I do not copyedit. I do not typically respond to in-class group notes but use them to guide future class activities.
  • We have visitors today.  Please make them feel welcome!
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Our Digital Justice Topics

These are our tentative website/justice groups:

Musicians & Artists as Activists: Anna R, Julia, Owen, Zach

LGBTQ Justice: Casey, Mike L, Ross

The Rights of Animals and Our Planetary Environment: Anna S, Austin, Bokey, Ivan

Economic Exploitation of Prisons and Sweatshops: Justina, Katie, Niko

Gender and Women's Bodies: Rageene, Joseph, Kelsey, Melanie, Michael, Nalena




Part One

  1. Choose a notetaker and an MC for your group (the MC will give the overview but everyone needs to talk)
  2. Each of you should share in your group what you have chosen and why.  Then describe what digital spaces you plan to examine.  Remember, you will be writing about the topic/issue and then examine the person/group's connection.
  3. We don't begin our website projects until next month.  For now, just know that you will be creating a website as a team (you receive individual, NOT group grades) using WEEBLY.  Let's start talking now so that when we do start designing as a team, you know something about each other's justice topic.  As a team, as best as you can, come up with a) a name for yourselves; b) an idea for a logo; c) a possible URL (which will be XXXX.weebly.com).  Notetaker should take notes on this and submit notes to Carmen.
  4. If you would like to see a sample of a Weebly site, visit these students' weebly website or Carmen's other ENG201 website.
  5. Try and make connections between all of the topics and issues.  Plan to share that information with the whole class.
  6. Try and write a short introduction to who you are as a group, what changes or new ideas you would like to affect, and why!  
  7. The notetaker should take notes on all of this and submit the notes to Carmen (these notes will not be returned or commented to).

Part Two

Group Presentations (Plan to come to the front of the room)... we start shifting the authorial gaze in the classroom THIS WEEK!

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Collaborative Essay

I. Overview of Guidelines


II. Ink-shedding Activity

  • Read each sheet.  Take notes on whether or not you think you can make a connection to this topic.
  • If necessary, we will have one group of three, but this is a PARTNERED ESSAY!

III. Find Your Match, Folks!

Please connect with one another based on topic, not solely on prior friendship.


IV. Collaborative Meeting

  1. Swap writing.  Read what your colleague has to say!  Sink in!
  2. Decide who will write the introduction and who will write the conclusion.  
  3. Create your "gel" sentences.
  4. Come up with a title.  It should be an academic-styled titled. [Catch phase + Colon + Main Idea]

V. Go-Around


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.