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I. Writing Prompt: To Have Feared, Loved, and Lost


II. Looking Ahead

We will begin working on ePortfolios (this is the midterm requirement), but you should begin to think of what kind of issue you might likely research NOW since all research projects will be uploaded to your ePortfolio.   This issue that drives you (in VERY general terms here) might shape how you design your ePortfolio next week.

October 17 &  24Design your ePortfolio and all required uploadings
October 31Finalize your research topic (midterm ePortfolio is due)
November 14 & 21Library Research/Lit Review will be finished
Early DecemberALL QUALITATIVE DATA COLLECTED! (This is a HUMANITIES CLASS.  We will be doing qualitative analysis, NOT quantitative analysis.  If you prefer the latter, enroll in a stats class ASAP.

III. This Century...and this Semester's Research

Take a moment now and look back at your homework.  What did you identify as the PROBLEM OF THE 21ST CENTURY for you?  Now imagine that you are going to conduct a QUALITATIVE research project on this problem.  What might you do in relation to this issue/problem?    WRITE THAT DOWN RIGHT ON THE HOMEWORK.  



Write Out ALL the Issues  of Your Group Here Write Out Some Research Questions HereWrite Up Possible Data Plans
Put everyone's name with the issue/issues they specify

Qualitative Research Questions

Questions cannot be YES or NO questions. Avoid words such as: relate, influence, impact, effect, or cause (those are quan words). Here are two ways these questions look: “What does it mean to _________________ (the central issue of your topic)?”      OR

 “How do ______________ (participants) describe (the central issue of your topic)?”

You will run a focus group of 4-5 people, interview three people, or do an extensive case study of one person.  Describe one possible research study.

V. Discussion


From Writing a Paper to... Designing a Page

VI. Setting Up an ePortfolio


VII. Designing Your Website


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.