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Part One

I. Presentation: JULIA


II. Trouble-Shooting on the ePortfolio & Casey's Inspiration


These are our website/justice groups:

Musicians & Artists as Activists: Anna R, Julia, Owen, Zach


LGBTQ Justice: Casey, Mike L, Ross


The Rights of Animals and Our Planetary Environment: Anna S, Austin, Bokey, Ivan


Economic Exploitation of Prisons and Sweatshops: Justina, Katie, Niko


Gender and Women's Bodies: Rageene, Joseph, Kelsey, Melanie, Michael, Nalena

III. Overview of Web Design Project
Please also click here for more about Weebly.

IV. Small Group Meetings and Planning Time

  1. Finalize the logo
  2. Decide on the website roles: copyeditor, webmaster, and teaching assistant
  3. Teaching assistant: Take notes to give to Professor Carmen to inform her of the goings-on; make sure that everyone understands the point-spread

V. Writing the Mission Statement

  1. Webmaster: Facilitate the group's dialogue and writing of your mission statement.  Finish as much as you can in class today.
  2. Imagine yourself talking to viewers on RESEARCH DAY (similar to the showcase).
  3. Explain the overall point of this website, its importance, and its relevance.
  4. Explain how EACH member's focus works with the entire website.
  5. Explain what you hope, as a group, to achieve with this public work.

VI. Closing Presentation: OWEN

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Part Two: LAB TIME

I. Set-up Your Tabs

  • Go to course website (www.digirhetorics.org) and open up today's agenda (under course agendas)
  • Make a second tab and open the demo site: professorcarmen.weebly.com.  Look at the set-up.

II. Webmasters' First Tasks

  1. Go to weebly.com and set up an account.  SIGN UP! Use a personal email address and create your own password (everyone will have their own password so no one will have yours)
  2. Choose SITE and then pick any theme (we will change that in the next class)
  3. Choose a subdomain of WEEBLY (the other options cost--- do not use them!)  Write in your URL (you can change it later but put something catchy, SHORT, and relevant to the topic in now)
  4. You should have a shell of a website now!  Congrats!
  5. Go to SETTINGS (at the top) and then EDITORS. Use the ADD EDITORS button to add each member of your group as an EDITOR. Enter each person's email (last year, JJAY email addresses did not work so use something else).  ADD Prof Carmen as ADMIN and use this email address: carmenkynard@gmail.com.


III. More Set-Up

WEBMASTERS: Go to PAGES now and set up all of the main pages and subpages.  Just type in the name of each person in your group for this.  Choose the TALL HEADER for the page layout.  After you have done this, you are DONE!  You are the guide and help for your group but you DO NOT create the content or visual design for any group member! 


EVERYONE ELSE: Go to your email and accept the invitation to administer this website.  Remember your email/user address and your password.  This is not a JJAY platform so no one has access to this information but YOU!  If you forget passwords, you are on your own because Carmen cannot access anything.  You create your own content and visual design now! 


IV. Your First Webpage

1) Your first webpage will be templated for you so that you can see how to design a webpage on this platform. You can add more to it. Use the Demo site to see what you need to fill in!
2) Write in your biography first.  If the website freezes, just hit the refresh button.  For what to write in your biography, click here.
3) Make sure you are working on your own webpage.  
4) We are not PUBLISHING today.  That won't happen for a few more weeks.
5) Start adding the multimedia components. 


For Next Class

  1. Finish your weebly "About Me" page
  2. Come ready to do your Main Justice Page (click here for information)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.