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Part One: In the Classroom

I. Presentation: Michael


II. Designing Your Webpages (Use every inch to persuade, sell, inform!)

Please keep those four principles in mind (Your "About Me" page is to experiment):

  1. No white space
  2. No unlabeled media (do not assume a viewer knows what it is or why it is there)
  3. No large blocks of embedded multimedia
  4. No uneven formatting

III. Group Design Conversation

Webmasters will facilitate. Discuss the following with the group:

  1. Lead a discussion with your group: do you prefer dark or light websites?  Vote if necessary.
  2. Lead a discussion with your group: do you prefer navigation at the top or side?
  3. Lead a discussion with your group: do you prefer a website where everyone can have their own background?  Click here for example: http://www.theknewjournal.org.  OR, do you prefer a website where the background is the same for each webpage.  Click here for example: http://www.digirhetorics.org.
  4. CHOOSE YOUR THEME AND MAIN FONTS (only one person can do this; everyone else will need to refresh to see the changes)

Copyeditors will facilitate.  Do the following:

  1. Divide every group member amongst yourselves.  You CANNOT edit your own page. 
  2. When you know who you will copyedit, give those names to the Professor (email her or give her a slip of paper).

IV. Individual Design Time: Your Three Pages (called the Digital Essay on the syllabus)


V. Presentation: Katie

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Part Two: In the Lab

I. Message to Teaching Assistants

  1. Remember to CC me on any email communication to group.  Send an email next Wednesday (at the latest) to group members reminds them of the homework.
  2. You will create the main page called "About Us."  Work on that SOON.  For an example, click on this page of the KNEW JOURNAL: http://www.theknewjournal.org/advisory-board.html.  Notice that each person has a short bio with photo.  Do the same for your group.

II. Message to Copyeditors

  1. Make sure you copyedit all of the people whose pages (ABOUT ME only) you are responsible for. If the format, editing, and titles of pages are not done well or accurately, it counts against YOU!
  2. If you email someone about their page, CC/forward to Professor always!

III. First Lab Tasks (Facilitated by Webmasters)

  1. Make sure that your URL/site address is finalized!  Check with your group!  Go to SETTINGS and edit this.
  2. Make sure your website has a name!  It should no longer be called "My Site."  Go to SETTINGS and edit this.
  3. Fix the order of your main pages and the subpages on "About Me."  There should be consistency and LOGIC to your ordering.

IV. Everyone's Lab Task

  • Give your "About Me" page a title.  It needs to be consistent with the whole group.  Go to "PAGES" in toolbar and make any necessary changes.
  • Give your "MAIN JUSTICE" page a title.  It needs to be consistent with the whole group.  Go to "PAGES" in toolbar and make any necessary changes.  These titles cannot be super-long!  The top navigation should not take up the WHOLE website.
  • Make sure you have two subpages under the "MAIN JUSTICE" page.   Give them titles also.

V. Demo on Weebly Headers

  • Look at your header size (click the EDIT button on the header).  Write those dimensions down.  That is the size of your header.  You will need to re-size to that size.
  • Note: You cannot use Weebly's preloaded headers!
  • Your header must span the entire header area and must be ORIGINAL!

VI. Library Tasks

Before you leave, you need to find at least two, PEER REVIEWED articles about your topic.  These must be found from the JJay database (use EbscoHost and limit your search to peer-reviewed articles).

  • Save these articles to your USB or email them to yourself.
  • Read these articles over the weekend.  You need to reference them with APA citation on your Research Subpage!
  • Link to Sample Infographic: http://bit.ly/justine-sample

Do not PUBLISH the site (one site was live & published... stop doing that!)

Here is your homework:
  1. Come with a draft of at least ONE of your webpages. You will be turning this in during class.   Your group will be reading your draft.
  2. Webmasters need to start the homepage.
  3. Copyeditors need to do all copyediting of "About Me" pages.
  4. Teaching Assistants need to finish the "About Us" main page.  Go here for an example: http://www.theknewjournal.org/advisory-board.html
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.