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In the Classroom

I. Writing Prompt: Narrating Your Neighborhood


II. Back to the Research Proposal

  1. Please read the formal guidelines.  Notice that this is NOT a long writing and is based on standard research proposal format (grant agencies, etc)
  2. Complete the handout (this needs to be submitted or emailed to me).  Get as detailed as possible.  
  3. Write out your FINAL research question on the wall somewhere.  It needs to match your methodology.
  4. Click here for a sample format: Arooj's Proposal

III. Open discussion of research questions

These need to be right!


IV. Sharing of Research Notes/Proposal Notes

In the margins, share what you find most interesting about the study and why.


Next Deadline: November 14... Research Proposal and Full DAB on ePortfolio (no class this day/Carmen at NWSA in Puerto Rico)



In the Lab

V.  Please open three things: a) Your ePort; b) the DEMO site; c) JJay's website.  You might also want to open this agenda.



Add a new page in your Reflections Tab (whatever you called it).  Give it a catchy title. Then start a new RICH TEXT module. If you prefer to hand-write this, then do so and type/transfer this later. On that webpage, write your response to this:

  • What have you decided FINALLY about your topic right now, as of today, and why?
  • This project that you are doing will be unlike anything else anyone has done since the data (not necessarily the method) is YOURS ONLY.  Who do you want it impact?  Why is it important?  What/who do you want to give a voice to or shine a light on?

VII. Creating the Left Tabs for the DAB

  1. You need to have a Bibliography Tab on your ePort.  This is where you will collect all of your sources.  YOUR RESEARCH STARTS WITH READING AND STUDYING YOUR SUBJECT. That is what we will be working with today and next week.  Create a top tab now that says Digital Bibliography (or make your own title).
  2. Create four new left tabs.  For now, give them the titles that you see on the DEMO site.

VIII. Read ALL of the DAB pages to get a sense of the assignment

If you want a hardcopy of the DAB guidelines and point-spread, please print this out yourself.  Otherwise, it is available at every webpage under the DAB AND at this course website (under "Fall Projects & Assessment.")


IX. Finding FOUR Library ARTICLES

  • Go to the JJay website.  Click on library.
  • Go to the databases.  Let's start with EBSCOHOST.
  • Type in your research area or topic.  Try and get as specific as possible. Selected PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES.
  • Read the abstract.  Is it what you want?  If so, download the article/PDF (put it on your USB drive OR download it to the desktop to email to yourself later).
  • If EBSCOHOST does not give you enough, try JSTOR.
  • Write out the article's information USING CORRECT APA citation information (this is all available to you under this top tab).  Put that list right on your ePort under your LIBRARY PAGE.  The entries should also be in alphabetical order.
  • For a sample, library page, see Andrene's work.

X. Closing

  • If you have time left, search for your four web articles now.  Repeat the process.
  • See you at midnight... or rather your ePortfolios! 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.