DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

I. Introductions: Three-Question Interview (followed by the Name Game)

  1. How would you describe yourself as a writer? What do you like to write or read?  (text messages, tweeting, online websites, etc all count!)
  2. What are your biggest concerns about college so far?  About this class?

Feel free to write down your partner’s answers as you will need to remember what they tell you.


II. The Name Game

The name game is an activity that we will do for the beginning of the semester.  At the start of each class, 4-5 people will have to go around the room and say everyone’s name.  This activity is meant to form community.  This may be the only class you have this semester where you know everyone’s names and interact with them significantly.  This is something to be taken seriously—hence, we start this course by making sure we know everyone’s names!


III. Overview of the Course Website and the 1st Assignment


  • Please remember that there is an agenda like this for every class.  If you miss a day, look at the agenda.  Do not send an email asking what you missed.
  • No handwritten work can be accepted.  Please bring hardcopies!
  • Feel free to comment to any page here at this website.  We will discuss your question or share the contribution that you made.
  • Please also get in the habit of pointing out website typos to Carmen.  Let’s get in the habit of doing this for one another since we will all be designing websites in this class.

IV. Why Digital Writing? 

Please read today's article in focus: "No More Digitally Challenged Liberal Arts Majors." While many of you are not liberal arts majors, John Jay College is the only college with a criminal justice focus set in a liberal arts environment.  Let's think deeply about what this means in the context of digital cultures as discussed in this article. As you read, annotate the margins WILDLY:

  1. What is a point that surprises you OR, a point that you did not know? Talk about that in your margins.
  2. What is a point you have a strong agreement with?  Why? Talk about that in your margins.
  3. What is a point you have a strong DISagreement with?  Why? Talk about that in your margins.

After you are done with that, we will discuss what you have come up with and then do a formal writing piece based on our discussion and your margin-notes.  You are submitting whatever you have written by the end of class.  No, you cannot take it home and rewrite it.  Whatever you get down is what you will submit when class ends. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HANDWRITING!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.