DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

I. Name Game... all must play!

Reminder:  Your reading responses are treated as drafts.  I respond to you as a reader (and, sometimes, a teacher).  These are NOT final products until/unless you choose to post them to your ePortfolio.


II. Opening Writing Prompt: Love Letters

(Volunteers share who they wrote to and/or letter so far)


III. Workshop: Qualitative Ethics

  • Read the packet that has been created for you.
  • After you finish reading, begin writing about the philosophical issues that might be relevant for your mini qualitative study (especially since your peers will be reading what you wrote today) using the front page of the packet.
  • Please attach this front page to your research study before you submit it today.

IV. Writing Groups with MEMBER CHECKING

Member checking is a staple of qualitative research.  That is what we will be doing in today's small groups.

  1. Read everyone's study in your group.
  2.  If you agree with the ways that you are represented, then simply WRITE and SIGN your name on the last page.  If you do not agree, then write a note and the researcher can take it into account with the next.
  3. When everyone has their original research study back, you need to start a discussion about the philosophical issues related to qualitative research.

V. Process/META Talk: What was member checking like?  What was writing this piece like?

Add a statement to your research (on a separate piece of paper or email to professorkynard@gmail.com):

Upon member checking, research participants in my focus group...

(then explain why everyone agreed with your representation, why 1 or a few did not, or why no one agreed with your representation.) 


VI. Final Submission Work

  • Make sure that your Bibliography follows APA guidelines.
  • Take out all expressions like: in today's society, today's world, nowadays, etc
  • Put your last name and page number in the top-right hand corner.
  • Make an academic-styled title [Catchy phrase + colon + general phrase] Sample: "Mobilizing a movement of the mind": College students' views of the role of digital literacies
  • Go back to the philosophical issues packet and read what you wrote.  Write an abstract (150 words).  This means that you explain what your RESEARCH ARTICLE is about.  [This study examines...]
  • Include 5 key words of your study under your abstract
  • Be prepared to read your abstract OUT LOUD!

VII. Next Project...  BELOVED WORLD

"From the Bronx to the Bench"



"Street Vendors of Roosevelt Avenue: 

A Photo Essay Examining the Informal Economy and Latin American Culture in Queens"






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.