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Part One: Collaborative Writing

I. Presentation: ROSS

  • Please remember that, in the first half, you must be set up and ready to talk by 10:55 at the latest!
  • You are marked late if you walk in during someone's presentation.
  • For demos on prezi and Google Presentations, click here!
  • For spring schedule of presentations, click here OR go to the top tab called "Spring Projects and Assessments" 

II. Overview of Essay Set-Up: Meet Esther and Zayyan (click here for their essay)

  • Notice how the introduction offers a brief context of each video (but ONLY brief).
  • Notice how each section has a title.
  • Notice how the first section closes with a "gel" sentence and the second section begins with a "gel" sentence

III. Collaboration Time: Your Tasks Today

  1. Decide the order of your writing.
  2. Read your writing aloud together.  Make sure it all flows.
  3. Make sure that the writing does rhetorical analysis.  You are not just summarizing the video and explaining why you like it!  If you received a check PLUS, you are good to go; if you have a check or check MINUS, you need to do more rhetorical analysis.
  4. Make sure that each of the two main sections uses rhetorical theory and references an author we read in this class.  You must use APA in-text citations for this. Look at Zayyan's section if you do not know what this means (click here for Zayyan's section).
  5. Add your "gel" sentences.
  6. Review the point-spread to make sure that you have accomplished all of your tasks.
  7. Email Carmen your work: professorkynard@gmail.com (you will not receive comments; this is just to check on progress)
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Part Two: Planning Your ePortfolio

I. Presentation: JUSTINA

  • Please pay attention to the call-back time (after the break).  If you walk in during someone's presentation, you will be marked late.

II. Overview of First Major Deadline: E-Portfolio Deadline #1 (15 points)

  • We will be in the computer lab next week.  
  • Your DUE DATE for ePortfolio Deadline #1: Friday, March 13 at midnight

III. E-Portfolio Discussion: What Do Strong ePortfolio Creators Do?  What Do They Avoid?

Using the point-spread, score the ePortfolio that we look at together.  Use this moment to be clear on the guidelines and expectations.


Sample #1: The Teacher ePortfolio B (everything here--- titles, format, etc has been predetermined by the teacher so that this Port is a filing cabinet...should it be public to all?)

Sample #2: The Teacher's ePortfolio A (this ePortfolio is not as pre-formatted by a teacher; can you read it?)

Sample #3: A Good Draft (but is this ready to public? especially when compared to Marissa's ePortfolio)


IV. Design Time

Please go to the "Designing YOUR ePortfolio" top tab for more help and ideas.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.