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Everything that you write in this class is a DRAFT until it goes public on your ePortfolio.  Your multimedia project and your research must absolutely be included.  The multimedia project is designed to match and showcase your multimedia competencies in this setting; the research project is designed to showcase your ability to conceive of and execute ORIGINAL scholarly research.  Everything else that you include in your ePortfolio will be your own CHOICE.


The ENG101 program requires that you actually show all of your drafting for your various projects in the course.  Because multiple drafts are not necessarily engaging for public audiences on a website and since we are REQUIRED to include drafts, we will use the multimedia opportunities of this platform to fulfill this program requirement.  Your viewers and readers may not necessarily read your draft page closely, but your draft page will, in the least, show your digital skills in how you present it.


Every main page must have a DRAFT GALLERY subpage. You have two options for creating this:


OPTION ONE: Embed from Scribd

1) Start a SCRIBD account (go to scribd.com).  You will create your own library there.  You will take all of your print-outs, notes, and written comments and scan those documents into a PDF (this option depends on having access to a scanner).  You can then upload the PDF at SCRIBD which will transform the PDF into a kind of scrolling book.  You will them embed that SCRIBD text to your ePortfolio here.  If you don't remember how to embed, click here.


Below you will see an example of a SCRIBD EMBED.  This SCRIBD EMBED represents my own drafting process for my fall 2014 syllabi.  I changed many of the projects from my fall 2013 syllabus.  As you can see here, the planning of a syllabus takes a significant amount of work before it is given to students.  You too will be asked to show all of your work and celebrate all that you have done to arrive at a piece that gets shared with multiple audiences.

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Option Two: Use the Insert Media/PDF Maker

on Digication

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Go to Insert Media (the button that looks like a kodak picture).  When you insert a file, you will choose a PDF.  Digication will automatically turn this into a kind of digital flipbook.  Please note: YOUR FILE MUST BE A PDF!

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Option Three: Use the Gallery Module of Digication

If you do not have access to a scanner, do not want to create a SCRIBD account, or do not like the look of the embed, then the GALLERY MODULE is for you.  When you create a new subpape, you are given the choice of MANY modules.  Choose the gallery module.


If you take a photo with your phone of all of your draft processes (notes, print-outs, etc), then you can use the photos and show your drafting.  Here is my example using the same notes as above on SCRIBD, but this time using photos taken with my phone and emailed to me.


You have many options for how you want your gallery to look (I chose simple numbers for each image).


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