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"Beyond Rigor" by Jesse Stommel, Pete Rorabaugh and Sean Michael Morris (2013) 


"Composing, Networks, and Electronic Portfolios: Notes toward a Theory of Assessing ePortfolios" by Kathleen Blake Yancey, Stephen J. McElroy, and Elizabeth Powers (2013) 


"Critical Blogging: Constructing Femmescapes Online" by Andi Schwartz (2016)


“The texts that students have produced in response to composition assignments have remained essentially the same for 150 years… [primarily] words on a page, arranged into paragraphs…only occasionally interrupted by titles, headings, diagrams, or footnotes.”

~Cynthia Selfe (2007)

"Critical Digital Pedgaogy: A Definition" by Jessie Stommel (2014)


"'Don't Hate Me Because I'm Virtual': Feminist Pedagogy in the Online Classroom" by Nancy Chick and Holly Hassel (2009) 


"ePortfolios and Audience: Teaching a Critical Twenty-First Century Skill" by Chris W. Gallagher and Laurie L. Poklop (2014)


"The Encyclopedia Must Fail! – Notes on Queering Wikipedia" by Noopur Raval (2014)


FemGeniuses: Where Feminism Meets Genius! by Heidi Lewis [Heidi Lewis posts student projects from her Gender Studies classes here]  


"Feminist Rhetoric in the Digital Sphere: Digital Interventions & the Subversion of Gendered Cultural Scripts" by Liz Lane (2015) 


"A Future for Intersectional Black Feminist Technology Studies" by Safiya Noble (2016)


"Google Search: Hyper-visibility as a Means of Rendering Black Women and Girls Invisible" by Safiya Noble (2013)


"Hashtag Feminism, #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen, and the Other #FemFuture" by Susana Loza (2014)


"How to ‘Do’ Feminist Theory Through Digital Video: Embodying Praxis in the Undergraduate Feminist Theory Classroom" by Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst (2014)


"Let’s Be Abominable Feminists: Yeti: Campus Stories and Sexism in the Digital College Party Scene" by Caitlyn Kawamura and Jeremiah Favara (2016)


“Love in the Time of Racism” by Monica J. Casper and Darnell Moore (2014)


"Notes Towards a Feminist Futurist Manifesto" by Sarah Kember (2012)


"Thinking Beyond ‘Free Speech’ in Responding to Online Harassment" by Sky Croeser (2016)


"Trayvon, Race, Media and the Politics of Spectacle" by Safiya Noble (2014) 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.