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Sexualities & Activism Study Abroad 2016

A cross-cultural exploration of lgbtq+ identities in the U.S. & Amsterdam 





Study Abroad course page and students' individual ePortfolios


Presented their ePortfolios at the end of the program





A) Race, sexuality, gender, and class: How do students center the "self" in ePortfolios?

Jeshaun Richards homepage 

Savannah Ainsley homepage

Sangia Drakes video assignment on intersectionality

Bridget Woods on bisexuality



B) Making connections, centering discomfort

Jeshaun Richards "futures" postcard assignment

Micael Osei EuroPride Parade reflection

Erin Rose Collins in-class writing connecting HomoMonument visit with in-class viewing of Bent

Sangia's Scavenger Hunt picture gallery and captions






Picture 2 courtesy of Michael Osei





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.