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I am from diamonds,

from Tiffany and Harry Winston.

I am from black sandy beaches,

Hot and Dry like a paved road.

I am from the coconut trees

the bougainvillea

there spiky thorns hidden beneath beautiful buds.


I'm from Sunday lunch and brown eyes

from Agatha and Joseph

I'm from the stubborness and strength

from Behave Yourself and Mind Your Manners!

I'm from singing and dancing in church

to baptism by the riverside.


I'm from Kingstown and Caribs,

roast breadfruit and fried jackfish.

From the cotton mill my grandmother worked in,

and the fishing boat my grandfather overturned.


On the coffee table in the living room,

laid pictures albums from years past.

I am from hardship and good times.

I am from hard won independence,

and the bright orange glow of the sun on the horizon.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.