DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Summer 2014SOC 236: Victimology
Spring 2014PAD 140: Introduction to Public Administration 
Spring 2014SOC 314: Theories of Social Order 
Fall 2013MAT 13: Survey of Mathematics and Computer Concepts 


Fall 2013BIO 33: Introduction to Modern Concepts of Biology 
Spring 2013SPE 21: Effective Public Speaking
Spring 2013POL 63: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Spring 2013HIS 205: The Modern World
Fall 2012ENG 24: Freshman English II
Fall 2012HPE 12: Concepts of Wellness 
Fall 2012ENG 74: Themes in American Literature II, 1865 to Present 
Fall 2012HIS 203: The Ancient World
Summer 2012PHI 71: History of Philosophy: The Classical Philosophers 
Summer 2012POL 51: American Government and Politics 
Spring 2012POL 66: Constitutional Law 
Spring 2012POL 67: The American Legal System: The Courts 
Spring 2012POL 69: Policing 
Spring 2012SOC 36: Minority Groups in the United States
Fall 2011SOC 31: Introduction to Sociology 
Fall 2011ENG 12: Freshman English I
Fall 2011POL 64: Criminology
Fall 2011SPE 240: Contemporary Media in Everyday Life
Spring 2011COM 113: Oral Communication
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.