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 M.A. Thesis:

I am going to start work and research on my master's thesis on internalized false confessions.  I want to look at the influence of presenting different types of false evidence and the use of imagery in interrogation on an individual internalizing or believing their false confession is true.


Current Research Labs:


Dr. Stone, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

I am currently working with Dr. Stone on his research in memory and jury deliberations.  We are looking at many different aspects of memory and how they influence the jury deliberation process, such as note-taking during trial, retrieval-induced forgetting, and the creation of a group memory.


Dr. Salfati, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

I am about to start working with Dr. Salfati in criminal behavioral analysis.  We are going to be analyzing perpetrator behavior at a crime scene and how that relates to static or changing risk factors.  We ultimately want to find influences between the actions of a criminal during a crime and the risk they pose when released from prison.


Dr. Johnson, John Jay College of Criminal Justice


I am also working as a research assistant with Dr. Johnson on wrongful convictions and sexual assault, working closely with exonerees and researching the reasons for wrongful convictions and their impact on the criminal justice system and individuals. This is Rodney Roberts who spoke to our lab about his exoneration from kidnapping and sexual assault charges and subsequent civil confinement.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.