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About My e-Portfolio


This e-Portfolio is meant to be something of an online resume. It is meant to present my accomplishments and work in an interesting and appealing way. Hopefully, whoever is reading this is able to gleam something good about my life and what I do. 


My color scheme includes dark blue, gray, and white. These colors compliment each other nicely and look appealing together; they make the website pop a little. These colors are almost complete compliments, meaning they are almost as far away from each other on the color spectrum as they can get. The background image is one of my own; it was taken in Sicily in Agrigento at the ruins of greek temples. Throughout the website I plan to use white as my text color, the dark blue as my background for every page, and the gray as the border for every page. The colors that I have chosen convey some of our reality. Alone, these colors are plain, but together they compliment each other and create an appealing look. 

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Table of Contents



Here you will be able to find out about this e-Portfolio, and it's creater, me. Come here if you want to find out any information, or if you have questions. 


Reflective Writing:

In this tab, you will discover some of my more biased writings. These writings tackle current events, and real world issues that affect society as a whole. Last updated in 2014.


My Own Biased Thoughts:

Here you will be able to pick my brain. In this tab, I have mulitple reflections about creating this e-Portfolio and writing to a public audience, namely the world. Last updated in 2013.


Footing the Bill: A Research Study of Student Debt:

This tab encompasses my research study on the student debt crisis in the United States. It looks at how the crisis affects American lives, and what the possible causes are, as well as what needs to be done to aid the demise at one of the largest problems faced by Americans. Last updated in 2013.


Footing the Bill Resources

This tab holds the resources that I acquired throughout my research study. Look here if you want to find references for the student debt crisis. Last updated in 2013.


Rhetorical Analyses

This tab contains various rhetorical analyses of videos of either a performance or an interview of a sort. Last updated in 2014.


Free Software: Justice In Our Digital Age

This tab holds a project on Free Software as well as a presentation on some of the most notable "open source" organizations and tools available to us today. Last updated in 2014.


Painting With Light: A Digital Story Dealing With Introversion

This tab contains a digital story project entitled "Painting With Light." Here you will find an essay on the definition of digital storytelling, the digital story itself, and with what and how the digital story was created. Last updated in 2014.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.