DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

This website draws attention to the growing issue of the way body image is expressed in media. The main goal when it comes to the viewers of this website is for any individual who is interested in this topic can learn more about it, but more specifically the website is for anyone who experiences negative body image or knows of someone who is. This topic speaks to me since I have grown up as technology has advanced and I have personally felt the pressures media has put on maturing males and females. My goal as a result of this website is to instill within the minds of my viewers a more positive outlook on themselves and others. I personally want my viewers to gain a sense of confidence and positivity while looking at my website because I enjoy helping others. Even if helping them is by boosting their confidence only a little. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

About Me and This Website

This section is if you want to learn more about me and the way I became who I am today. This section of my website also describes the thoughts behind actually creating the full website and what each part represents. The reasoning behind the color scheme and layout might actually surprise you!


Perfectly Imperfect Pieces

This section shows some of the different interests and passions I have. A glimpse of some of my interests include a specific culture in Queens, New York and how that culture lives, the effects on electronic gaming, a love letter to foster children, and a piece on how media and body image relate to each other. 


Beauty Sources

This tab is all about the work of different researcher's who have explored the idea of body image. Also, interesting videos, images, and links are included within this tab to help give the viewers a more well-rounded view on my topic of interest.


Defining Beauty

This section fully shows my research from beginning to end, including my raw data. I focused on how undergraduate students respond to the standard of today's ideal body. By viewing this section you will be able to see my literature review, my methods on how I conducted my research, the data I collected, and my overall conclusion of my study. 



This tab is where I am able to reflect on what I have done throughout my journey of creating this webpage. All of my struggles I have overcame while first collecting my ideas about my webpage to my reflection on the complete journey are incorporated in this section.


Contact Me

This tab is if you were to have any questions or comments you would like to express to me. Don't be shy! I am open to all questions and comments you may have about this webpage, the topic of body image, or my research. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.