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This ePortfolio works as a digital representation of myself. It also serves as a digital platform where I upload some of my college school work. The different navigation tabs at the top all hold writings and pieces done by me. Some of the work that I incorporated range from personal stories to why I chose a liberal arts education to an international justice issue that is significant to me and so much more. I want people who visit my web page to get the concept or idea that I am a well-rounded individual with strong roots and values. With that all said, there is no question about it: the world has gone digital and just about everything is easily accessible on the internet. The basic purpose or reasoning behind the existence of this ePortfolio is so that people world-wide can read or see who I am, find out what I am all about, and realize the potential that I have as an undergraduate college student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice majoring in Forensic Psychology.




On my home page you will find a quote that is significant to me, and relates to the theme of my ePortfolio. Additionally, under the "Table of Contents" (where you are now) you can read about what each page on my site is all about without actually going to the page...yet. 


About this Site

Under this tab, you can read a brief biography I wrote about myself. You also get the opportunity to read what this site is all about and what inspired the theme, because whether you realize it or not, EVERYTHING on this site was planned and serves as a purpose - nothing was put here on accident or coincidentally!


Society Doesn't Define You

Under the "Society Doesn't Define You" tab, you can read an entire collaborative essay that I wrote with a peer, Natallia Yurchyk. This essay focuses on how individuals use rhetoric to get their message across.


A Liberal Arts Education is for Me

Under this tab I include three of my favorite pieces that I wrote my first semester of college in my English class. All three writings have a common them of a liberal arts education and why I want that type of education for myself.


International Justice Issues Project

A justice issue that I am particularly interested in is modern-day slavery. Under this tab, I showcase my  website which was made collaboratively with four other peers. I also discuss the importance and facts of modern-day slavery under this tab.


Three Brothers, Many Lessons: A Digital Story

Under this tab, I talk about my brothers and the lessons they have taught me, even though they are younger than I am. Expect, this story is unlike most you have come across because it's digital! 


Reflecting on the Journey

Under this tab, my ePortfolio tells his story on where he started and what he represents now (Yes, you read that right!). I also reflect on my ePortfolio, the projects I have done, and what I am most proud to showcase. Additionally, you get to read some of my goals and plans for my sophomore year of college. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.