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"I build relationships through self-expression and artistry"

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I go by Rebekahlove and I'm a self-love enthusiast. I encourage others to incorporate love for themselves and others into everything that they do. 

I do this through several avenues. 


"You need to love yourself. Love yourself so much to the point that your energy and aura rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth" -Unknown 






My mother has 5 daughters. She bragged about our beauty like a badge of honor. However, she did not believe she was beautiful. How is it possible for her to see the beauty in humans that came from her and hold her DNA, but not in herself. I owe my unrelenting work towards self-love to my mother. She is the reason I wear "Self-love Enthusiast" like a badge of honor.  



But what is self-love anyway? 







You may think of self-care, which is a form of self-love. It's including but not limited to lighting candles, there's always candles. Self-love is the act of doing, speaking, and thinking in ways that positively affirm who you are, where you come from, and where you're going. It's speaking positive words in the mirror, taking a day off to decompress, reading a  book, laying in bed, it's taking a bubble bath with relaxing music playing in the back, cooking your favorite meal, having lunch in the park. etc. The range of self-care practices are vast and diverse.



Beyond the fun stuff, the self-love I speak of is; the painful, uncomfortable unearthing that's necessary to be your best self. It’s the unpacking of childhood trauma, pain, romantic heartbreak, and questioning everything. It's lovingly investigating the root of your behaviors and flaws. It's being forgiving and compassionate about your mistakes. It's not settling for a reality but constantly seeking improvement. When I say self-love I'm referring to that love. 


And how does this type of self-love relate to this e-portfolio and it's title: On Sexual Paper?





The background of my poster is rose quartz, which is a healing stone that promotes love for self and others. Rose quartz is known to lower stress, tension, eliminate jealousy, resentment, and anger. I sometimes carry a small piece of rose quartz in my pocket or slept with the stone under my pillow. The top and bottom edges of the collage are lined with clear quartz clusters, these clusters have calming, harmonious effects, and are used to amplify the power of other stones. 


This collage can be printed, framed, and used as an inspiration poster, which promotes the utmost self-love. 

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On Sexual Paper

I feel a writing boom coming I feel a bunch of poems, quotes and stories ready to burst out Like penetration I feel it coming I feel a writing boom coming I want to express my mood
I want my thoughts to feel my fingertips and my feelings to feel my paper Im feeling a certain explosion Im shaking all over
I can feel it from my thighs to my waist and my lips to my hips
Im gonna make it happen
I feel a writing boom coming Im ready to lay it down



Writing on sexual paper is when you become extremely personal with your thoughts before you put them down on paper. It means to be real with yourself and how you feel, be real with who you want to be and want you want to do. Never apologize for who you are (as long as its really you) and never explain your 

judgement to the world. Its none of their business.

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Self-love as Activism
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Patricia Hill Collins

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