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Class Pairs: 
1) Stacy V. & Oliver 
Stacy Vargas:  stacy.vargas@jjay.cuny.edu, 201-602-0932
Oliver Toledo: oliver.toledo@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-995-6657
Topic: Segregation and Inequitable Public School Education for Latin@ Youth in NYC:  A look at long term consequences, movements, and proposed solutions.
2) Diego G. & Diahana N.
Diego Gonsalez: diego.gonzalez@jjay.cuny.edu, 631-543-0052
Topic: a Look at Corporate Profiling of Latino Consumers in the US: Statistics, consequences, and proposed solutions.
3) Jorge S. & Genesis C.
Genesis Castellanos: genesis.castellanos1@jjay.cuny.edu, 646-678-0718
Topic: Latin@ Access to Clean Drinking Water In Seville, California:  Health risks, economic tolls, and proposed solutions. 
4) Chrishane F. & Marelin P.
Topic: A Look at the Impact of the Legalization of Marijuana on Latin@ Youth in NYC and Puerto Rico.
5) Julian L. & Olivia R. & Citlali H.
Julian Lopez: julian.lopez2@jjay.cuny.edu, 917-705-2728
Olivia Ramirez: olivia.ramirez@jjay.cuny.edu, 914-336-1038
Citlali Hernandez: citlali.hernandez@jjay.cuny.edu, 917/847-0547
Topic: The Status of Undocumented Unaccompanied Minors from Latin America in the California and Arizona: Statistics, movements, and proposed solutions.
6) Haven M. & Reyson A.
Haven Martinez: havenmartinez@ymail.com, haven.martinez@jjay.cuny.edu, 646-301-7482
Reyson Abreu: reyson.abreu@jjay.cuny.edu, 212-427-6023
Topic: Otherness and Obstacles: Latin@ integration in US society. (This needs to be more specific-- what areas?)
7)Carlos G. & Jennifer G.
Jennifer Garcia: jennifer.garcia5@jjay.cuny.edu, 212-663-1629
Topic: The Status of Undocumented Unaccompanied Minors from Latin America in the NYC and Texas: Statistics, movements, and proposed solutions.
8) Henry P. & Sofia Z.
Henry Perez: henryjunior96@aol.com, henry.perez@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-678-2703
Sofia Zarantonello: sofia.zarantonello@jjay.cuny.edu, 718-336-2938
Topic: Adverse Impact of New York City's Stop & Frisk Practices on Latino@s.
9) Jason F. & Ana A.
Ana Apablaza: ana.apablaza@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-615-1341
Topic: A Look at the Lagging Economic State of Latin@s in NYC: Causes, consequences, and proposed solutions.
10) Priya R. & Anthony B.
Priya Ramprasad: priya.ramprasad@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-233-4471
Anthony Blanchard: anthony.blanchard@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-475-8547
Topic: A Look at ate Crimes Against Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in NYC: Statistics and Proposed Solutions.
11) Kenneth Z. & Nancy R.
Nancy Rangel: nancy.rangel@jjay.cuny.edu, 914-575-9167
Topic: The Unspoken Crisis: A Look at Latina Teenage Suicide Rates in NYC: Causes and proposed solutions.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.