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Class Pairs:

1. Fred F & Michelle S

Frederico Ferreira: frederico.ferreira@jjay.cuny.edu, 718-607-0234

Michelle Sencion: michelle.sencion@jjay.cuny.edu, 917-239-8265

Topic:  Latino vs Hispanic: Is there a difference between these terms?


2. Carlos P & Tatyanna G

Carlos Perez: carlos.perez@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-224-3239

Tatyanna Guerra: tatyana.guerra@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-613-1838

Topic: How Does Obama's Stance on US Immigration Reform Adversely Affect Latin@s in the US?


3. Juan G & Noely G

Juan Guzman: jguzman35@tigermail.qcc.cuny.edu, juan.guzman@jjay.cuny.edu, 646-571-9658

Noely Gonzalez: noely.gonzalez@jjay.cuny.edu, 718-699-6763

Topic: The status of Undocumented Unaccompanied Minors from Latin America in California: Statistics and proposed solutions.


4. Brian Q & Ana C

Brian Quezada: brian.quezada@jjay.cuny.edu, 212-862-8807

Ana Cobar: ana.cobar@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-406-9691

Topic: The aAdverse Impact of the Death Penalty in the United States on Latino males: Statistics, movements, and proposed solutions.


5. Christian H & Brenda A

Christian Hormaza: christian.hormaza@jjay.cuny.edu, 718-803-3290 

Brenda Almaraz: brenda.almaraz@jjay.cuny.edu, 646-463-8760

Topic: The Sttatus of Undocumented Unaccompanied Minors from Latin America in New York City: sStatistics, movements, and proposed solutions.


6. Harry Z & Laura Y

Harry Zhao: guowei.zheng@jjay.cuny.edu, 646-206-7553

Laura Yousef: laurayousef15@gmail.com, laura.yousef@jjay.cuny.edu, 516-305-1972

Topic: Latin@ Leaders in the US:  Where do they stand on immigration reform and recent developments.


7. Virginia K & Christina C

Virginia King: virginia.king@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-210-4448

Christina Calascione: christinacalascione@gmail.com, christina.calascione@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-248-1431

Topic: Dreamers and the Dream Act-a Movement impacting Latin@s: A look into the life of a Latino dreamer and his encounter with ICE.


8. Magdalena R & Stephanie B

Magdalena Oropeza: magdalena.oropeza@jjay.cuny.edu, 347-806-5308

Stephanie Betancourt: stephanie.betancourt@jjay.cuny.edu, 914-552-8032

Topic: The USSC Ruling on SB1070 affect on Latin@s and Possible Policing Liabilities.


9. Kelly K & Yarelis C

Kelly Khan: kelly.khan@jjay.cuny.edu, 646-575-2309

Yarelis Chacon: yarelis.chacon@jjay.cuny.edu, 718-706-8649

Topic: US Immigration Laws' Affect on Latin@ Youth in the US Education System.


10. Aolani O & Arielle M

Aolani Ortiz: aolani.ortiz@jjay.cuny.edu, 917-407-2505

Arielle Morales: arielle.morales@jjay.cuny.edu, 917-455-5277

Topic: Latin@ Civil Rights in the US: A look into discriminatory hiring practice cases in New York.



11. Melanie M & Amanda B

Melanie Monroy: melanie.monroy@jjay.cuny.edu

Amanda Badillo: amanda.badillo@jjay.cuny.edu

Topic: Latinos and Voting Rights in the US: Do we have a voice?


12. Annetty R & Stephanie S

Annetty Reyes: annetty.reyes@jjay.cuny.edu

Stephanie Sierra: stephanie.sierra@jjay.cuny.edu

Topic: Obesity in the Latin@ Community: Statistics, movements and proposed solutions.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.