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Welcome/Bienvenidas/os to our FYS LLS 100: Latina/os and Justice in New York.

My name is Professor Jodie G. Roure and we will be working closely together this year.  I am excited to be a part of your academic development and believe my position as your professor is a privilege.  I work diligently to bring to you a class that is full of information.  This semester, together, we will work through understanding issues of social justice in the United States and will examine factors that push and pull people to and from the United States.  Academically, we will examine issues that include race, ethnicity, class, and gender through a social justice lens with a focus on the underrepresentation of particular racial and ethnic groups in the educational system and the overrepresentation of underrepresented groups in other systems, like the prison industrial complex.  We will also explore what this means to you and how and where you fit into to the educational hierarchy and the systems we will be examining over the course of the semester.


In this seminar, you will develop your oral presentation skills (this sounds scary for some of us, but it really is not, trust me) and expand your vocabulary and exposure to terms including assimilation, discrimination, integration, pluralism, racism, and segregation. During our time together, you will also develop a comprehensive understanding of the college experience, academic processes, and expectations in relation to your class assignments.  (You will understand college and how it works a lot better.)  Several fieldwork/site visits will be conducted including to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.  So put on your comfortable shoes because travel is required for this course.  When we take these trips, you must dress business casual, so no jeans or sneakers are allowed on these days.  There is a method to my madness and it all revolves around your development, so you have to trust my advice and judgement.


College is a first experience for most of you and I believe that if we work together on your personal and professional development by creating a  comprehensive and holistic strategic plan for your academic and overall success, this course will be pleasurable, insightful, and believe it or not, fun!  So, be ready to work hard (and be a bit stressed out) but trust me when I say you will be a better person at the end of the semester because you will learn the ropes and be equipped with the knowledge to do what is expected of a college student.


I look forward to working with you this semester and hope you enjoy your first year experience.




Professor Roure

Office: 2122378672 – Please leave a voicemail with your telephone number if I am not available so that I may return your call.

Email: jroure@jjay.cuny.edu

New Building 8th floor, Room 08.63.05

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.