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This webpage examines hegemonic masculinity and is a poem that argues the views of being a male in this society: shows thier voices, their pressures and concerns from the male perspecitive. 


Art is written in different forms, not only essays and paintings but also songs or poetry.  Below is a poem written in view of how males feel and think about the pressures about being a male in this social constructed society. 



They say “Be A Man”

Is that the same as being a human?

We’re helplessly controlled

By society.

Told to be like this, be like that,

Stop being a wimp, a pussy.

It’s hard being a guy- verbally, physically, mentally


It’s not the same,

Boys are told to be aggressive, that there are no mistakes in manhood.

All those emotions: happiness, love, connection, isolation, excitement, confusion,

Throw them away, hide them,

never feel them.

Seeing teenagers, boys, adult men cry-it shows the feelings that are stuffed away, the rare tears that hold much more than just water.

Tears of not being able to hold it in, to be as strong like steel


They say the more women you get, you’ll never be called a slut,

More of a champ.

The more successful one can get, the more money one will make,

Society will praise them as hardworking, great work ethic,

Never bossy or questioned about their ability.

Be the alpha male, not the shy kid who has

“no balls”



People don’t understand it’s not simple, it’s not easy,

Being masculine, being a man.


Wish it came with instructions rather than an endless abyss of grey confrontations.

Being a man comes with some benefits one can say, higher pay, our clothing isn’t much money, not being cat-called on how we look at whatever day it is, if one wants to start a family so be it-it’s never questioned.

“Be a man” they say   



They don’t talk about the pressure, the ideals, the abuse, the fights, the war within our heads, the many years of training to be what society constructs,

The man who will not back down, the man who is not a chump, but a winner, a go-getter, the one every woman wishes they had at their side, in their bed.   

The one made for others.

Boys are told to live up to expectations, understand the underlying rules of how to be a man.  

Learn it, understand it, use it, repeat it.

It’s a never ending cycle,

Break away from it now,

before it’s too late.

Feel all the emotions that’s been stuffed for years,

Understand it’s fine to not want to do something, not want to play sports, or be aggressive or have a huge body count.

Understand the rules were written to be broken,

As they say,

“Mama didn’t raise no fool” 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.