DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

My Coursework

Fall 2010English 101: English Comp I
Fall 2010Health 100: Health Education
Fall 2010Math 11: Basic Math II
Fall 2010Sociology 100: Intro to Sociology
Fall 2010Music 110: Music I
Spring 2011African Studies 121: History of African Civilization
Spring 2011Latin Studies 152: Puerto Rican Experience in Urban United States
Fall 2011Criminal Justice 101: Intro to Criminal Justice
Fall 2011English 201: English II
Fall 2011Math 51: Elementary Algebra
Spring 2012Political Science 100: American Government
Spring 2012Criminal Justice 102: Criminology
Spring 2012Speech 100: Fundamentals of Speech
Summer 2012Spanish 101: Spanish I
Fall 2012Criminal Justice 202: Corrections
Fall 2012Math 150: Intro to Statistics
Fall 2012Spanish 102: Spanish II
Spring 2013Criminal Justice 201: Policing
Spring 2013Criminal Justice 204: Criminal Justice in the Urban Community
Spring 2013English 371: English Literature I
Fall 2013Biology 110: General Biology
Fall 2013Economics 201: Macroeconomics
Spring 2014Criminal Justice Bachelors of Science 250: Research Statistics
Spring 2014Police Science 202: Police-Community Relations
Spring 2014Law 203: Constitutional Law
Spring 2014Police Science 207: Investigative Functions
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.