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                                            Intro to 101:  

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Background & Forefront: This class is devoted to practicing different composition techniques in the context of a research project. The theme of this course is "Justice in the Information Age." And since we are just meeting each other and laying the foundation for our communication moving forward through the rest of the semester, I need some information about the kind of writer you are.  The clearer I am about who your authorial self is and what writing strengths and deficits come along with that, the more purposeful I can be in providing instruction.  With that said, a central lesson of this course is


Every piece of writing must keep three balls in the air to fully succeed: style, mechanics and content.  Here are three quick definitions:


  • Style: manner of expression, your voice, tone

  • Mechanics: functional details (grammar)

  • Content: topic, subject matter, supporting evidence

Another central lesson of this course: think of yourself as an author. Irrespective of whether or not you love writing or hate it. You have to write to pass this class.  Fuel the endeavor with the intention of becoming an author and acting as if you are one already. Your writing, on the page, out in the world, is an avatar of your mind, your thoughts.  Tell me about how I should assist you in developing your writing by responding to the following prompts as thoroughly as you can.





Is there a specific way you want to communicate in your writing?

Describe some personas you are aiming to inhabit/exhibit in your writing?  

Please provide examples of how word choice and sentence length either inhibit or free your capacity to have style in your writing?



Would you describe your writing as fluid or not?  Explain.

Define grammar.  What does it mean to you?

Are you comfortable with grammar?  Why?  Why not?



What issues or topics do you want to know about?

Why are they important?

Why is it important that you put your voice in the conversation?


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.