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Henry Perez


My name is Henry Perez. I'm 18 years old born on August 11, 1996 in Brooklyn, New York. I'm an undergraduate student at John Jay College for Criminal Justice. My current major is forensic science. After I graduate from college, I will like to pursue the field of medicine, hopefully becoming a surgeon in a specific field. In my free time, I play sports such as baseball and football. On some weekends I volunteer at local hospitals, whether it’s just filing or actually helping a patient. In the future, I just want to be successful and do something that I love. Why medicine? Because I always knew I wanted to help and heal others from a very young age. Watching my grandfather and great grandmother go through so many procedures and not being able to do anything about it to alleviate the pain motivated me to become a doctor or surgeon. I also find an interest in seeing how medicine can cure an entire human body. I know that medicine is one of the hardest fields of study but with the support of friends and family and my determination, I think I have what it takes to do it.

This webpage represents my literacy narrative. I talk about the first time I was introduced to writing outside of school.


With the help of my greatgrandmother, I was able to learn how to write at home. Kids my age will probably say they learned in school but I started to develop the skill to write from a very close relative who only wanted me to be successful and do great things. Although what I wrote probably didn’t make sense considering my age at the time, my greatgrandmother pretended that what I wrote made a lot of sense. This pushed me to write more and more.


I choose to share this narrative because it was a really important moment in my life for me, not only because I developed my writing skills from home, but also because of the great memories I had with my great grandmother.



Every time I write, I think about my greatgrandmother and the rest of my family because it reminds me how I developed my skills and how much I have learned over the years.



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My Literacy Narrative

Most people will say they learned to read and write through school or another form of education. I'm a little bit different, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who learned to read and write with the help of family. From a very young age, I was picking up the skill of reading and writing. My greatgrandmother who loved writing used to take care of me. I still remember that notepad she carried with her all times: the notepad with blue roses all over the cover and the blue spring to keep it together. Playing with toys didn't always cut it for being the only 2nd generation kid born during the time. My greatgrandmother would often tell me to write, not a story or even a sentence just words. I wouldn't say that it was amusing, just writing words, but at the time, it was and it killed time. After a couple of months, I started to learn how to read as well with the help of school and the help of my family. At school, I read books and textbooks; at home, I read instructions for building toys and even a newspaper.


Every time I write, I think about my greatgrandmother and the rest of my family because it reminds me how I developed my skills and how much I have learned over the years. I can say that my literacy has evolved since the day I learned how to use these skils and apply them in the world. I still have lots of room for improvement such as run-on sentences and punctuation marks. I prefer reading over writing to be honest, because it's less of a hassle in my opinion, but I don't mind writing every once in a while. One advantage I took from learning how to read and write from my family as well as school is that I can read, write and speak in another language. This language is Spanish since I come from a Latino culture, Spanish is the primary language. In order to write or to even communicate with another family member, I had to learn how to read, speak and write Spanish.


I learned to read and write with the help of my family. Although it was not easy at first, as time went by, I became fluent in two languages. My literacy has evolved a lot since I first learned how to even read and write. I'm looking forward to improving some of my writing aspects as well. High school really made me dislike the idea of writing because we always wrote about the same thing. I prefer to do a research paper over a paper about a book. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to do some of those things and learn to love to write again.

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